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When inheriting a property, sometimes an appraisal is required. These appraisals are typically completed as of the Date of Death, or retrospectively. These appraisals can also be called Retrospective or Date of Death appraisals.
When dissolving a marriage one of the biggest issues is what to do with the marital home. An appraisal will let you know the value of your home and how much equity is in your home, so you can make a fair and informed decision.
Unfortunately, sometimes we fall on hard times and it becomes necessary to file for bankruptcy. If you own real property an appraisal will be necessary to file your bankruptcy claim.
When it comes time to sell a property, often times we aren’t quite sure of the value of our property. An appraisal can let you know where you stand so you know where to price your property and how much you can expect to receive. Our appraiser can also offer suggestions on how to put your property’s best foot forward.
You’ve found the house of your dreams but you don’t want to overpay for it. An appraisal will tell you the value of the house. This sends the message that you know what the fair price is and you’re willing to pay it.
If you think the Town, City or Village has overvalued your property, you can grieve your taxes. An appraisal showing your current market value can add substantial weight to your grievance claim.
Quite often banks prefer to use their own appraisers, however if you are obtaining financing through a Hard Money Lender or a Private Lender you can hire your own independent appraiser.
Sometimes we find ourselves in a legal battle. Knowing the value of your assets is the first step in protecting them.
The many ups and downs in the Real Estate market have left many people in a position where they are facing foreclosure or where they have to re-negotiate their mortgage. An appraisal can strengthen your position.
When you have enough equity in your home, you can request to have PMI removed from your mortgage. An appraisal needs to accompany that request.
Commerical investors often need an appraisal for purchasing, financing and many of the other reasons listed above. Our commercial appraiser is well versed in all types of commercial and industrial properties.

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